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Caring for Parrots - What every parrot owner and (avian)veterinarian needs to know

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Caring for Parrots

What every parrot owner and veterinarian needs to know in order to keep these intelligent and social birds healthy and happy. Information about: their backgrounds, nutrition, housing, care, behavior, health, well-being, and specifi c issues related to parrots as well as guidance on preventing and solving behavioral problems.

It is important to note that depending on the species, parrots may remain in the same family for several generations. The third generation of a family visited the Clinic for Birds with their African grey parrot. The parrot was documented as having been a part of the family for 99 years. The great-grandfather had taken the adult bird with him from Africa into the Netherlands 99 years ago. This means that the bird was older than 99 years. The same goes for cockatiels that lived for 35 years and amazons, cockatoos up in their 80s.

Every reason to collect information about parrots and contact an avian veterinarian in advance to become knowledgeable before the purchase. Based on solid information about the species, the sex, the type of company it is important to determine the needs.

Since1982 Drs. Jan Hooimeijer is working as avian veterinarian. The Clinic for Birds ended December 2013. The most
important aspects of avian medicine have been continued as owner of the Consultancy Practice for Birds since January 1th 2014. The Consultancy Practice for Birds is focusing on the management of caring for parrots.

Main topics are nutrition, housing, care and behavior/welfare. Since 1982 Jan has participated in almost 100 international conferences. Many times as speaker and at some conferences invited as key-note speaker. Jan has contributed as author in different textbooks in the field of avian medicine. Since 2014 Jan Hooimeijer is cooperating with Dr. Irene Pepperberg. A combination of 45 years of scientifi c work in the field of parrot intelligence and cognition and 41 years of practical experience and knowledge dealing with parrots as part of a family with children and other companion animals. Together, a one day seminar is created to discuss the need to acknowledge the intelligence of parrots and to provide tools to prevent, to deal with, to solve behavioral problems and to ensure the welfare.
Besides the one day seminar, workshops are offered to show and demonstrate how to approach, deal with, manipulate and handle parrot based on the Dutch 5 Step Behavioral Protocol. Thanks to an anonymous sponsor it has been possible for universities from the USA, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia to invite us to present our seminar and workshops for veterinary students.

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